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Dronesville adventure #15: a feast appears from thin air!

thanksgivingAfter I posted the last episode of the Dronesville adventure, I received lots of guesses from my nerd pals of who the seven years old boy with unruly hair could be. Yes, most of them have guessed right. The young boy with a mop of unruly hair was me at seven. I lost my two front teeth and I had unruly hair. So I went back into the past and met myself!

As I sit in the kitchen watching him I really marvel how I could have survived. He is just happy with his own world and couldn’t care a thing with what I say. But he seems fascinated by the iPhone. So I let him try a bit and take it back, “Wait, where are the grown-ups?”

He looks at me nonchalantly with unblinking large brown eyes and shrugs his shoulder, “idk”. He says, “idk”! What? How could a boy of that era speak today’s millennial language?

“Surely you should know. How else can you find your next meal if the grownups don’t turn up?” I try to pull him back to the reality of an apparent lack of food.

He laughs, “LOL! Don’t you see there are plenty of food around?” When I shake my sorrowful head, he seems concerned, “You blind or what?”

“Where are they?” I ask, “I am starving to death!”

Before I know it, he hands me something from thin air and it’s a steaming hot bowl of turkey sage chowder, my favorite. As he reaches for things they appear on the table and soon I have more than enough for a feast: roasted turkey with chestnut stuffing, Roasted Whole Snapper with arti­chokes, potatoes, rosemary, lemon, homemade duck-fat puff pastry and a luscious fig and Madeira sauce, banana ice cream swirled with banana pudding and vanilla wafer crust crumble.

As I gorge myself on all the good stuff, I try talking to him. But he is engrossed with my phone. I can see the nerd formation even at this young age. “Really, where are the folks?” After I finish eating, I ask again. He rolls his eyes and finally says, “At the town hall, don’t you know?” I cannot recall the existence of a town hall in Dronesville. So I ask him to show me where it is. He agrees to take me there provided that I continue to allow him using the iPhone for games. Soon we are driving down a lane I have never seen before. It is named “Memory Lane”. I can hear music as we approach a white building decorated with lights. I no longer anticipate seeing people in this town. We have not met a single pedestrian or vehicle on the way. I am not surprised.

I park the van under a tree and we walk towards the entrance. The boy seems to greet people by grinning and nodding his head. But I see no one. I can hear people talking and the place seems crowded. Someone taps my shoulder. “Why? It’s you finally! You are late! Come over and sit here.” It is the grand aunt. The boy leads me to a chair at a table. Some people talk to me and I just nod my head and smile.

“It is alright. I am just in a dream.” I tell myself. (To be continued.)


Dronesville adventure #13: I try to fill in the blank (bird inside)


It’s Not This Time of Year Without… (bird inside) As I drive the aromatic flower tea van into Dronesville, I suddenly realize it’s thanksgiving night. I can smell the rich aromatic food through the open windows of the homes as I drive down the empty streets quietly. Ha ha, soon I shall be sitting at my grand-aunt’s table and enjoy a good meal! I start imagining all my favorite food and how I shall enjoy myself thoroughly. But despite the smell I cannot see anyone around, not even one person. The windows are open but there seems no one around inside or outside. Strange.

When I reach the street my grand aunt lives I have the shock of my nerd life. I cannot find her house! It is not there. Or rather it is there but it is not her house. The exterior looks the same but there seems no one inside. I ring the doorbell and the door opens. But there is no one at the door or inside. I can smell the food but there is no food in sight. I look into every room and the kitchen of course but there is no one and no food.

I try to call using my cell phone but no one answers. I try to call every resident I know but there is no answer. I go to their homes and encounter the same emptiness. What has happened? Has someone cast a spell and made the residents invisible? Can they see me? If they can why no one tries to communicate with me? Or the spell has cast them into another realm or dimension of space?

I finally give up and sit in my van and wonder, “It’s not This Time of Year Without…” I try to fill in the blank with words like “turkey”, “family (such as my grand-aunt and other…)”, “Gracie, the faithful guard dog”, or even “my boss” assuming I am on the treasure hunt assignment during thanksgiving season, or just “a room full of people”. Suddenly I miss people. How can it be a festive occasion without living people? What is the meaning of this?

I decide to leave this town and return to the homestay until tomorrow. I am the only lodger but it does not matter anymore. At least I can stuff myself with some buns from the vending machines and get some sleep. I dream. In this dream I am driving the aromatic flower tea van into Dronesville and again it is deserted. I can smell food but I cannot see them. I cannot see people or even the Dronesville dog. What a nightmare. As I wake my cell phone rings. (To be continued)