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Dronesville football club #12: You don’t know who I am? AI replies

“________ is betting that people care more about convenience and ease than they do about a seemingly oblique notion of privacy, and it is increasingly correct in that assumption.” (quoted from online source). “To jump or not to jump?” (mis-quoted understandably by me from Hamlet Act 3, Scene 1) That is still the pertinent question […]

millennial short-story tech news weekly photo challenge

Dronesville football club #9: No, her name is neither Siri nor Alexa

“Advancements in a bevy of industries are helping intelligent digital voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa become more sophisticated and useful pieces of technology.” There seems a leak. One anonymous chap posts in my private chat group and alerts me that he knows I am carrying the latest AI digital voice assistant as […]

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Dronesville adventure #17: computer’s cold calculating logic, human perspective, a model mother

“The standard story about computers, generally, is that they lack many of our more appealing human qualities but are really good at cold calculating logic. You’d think that combining the two — using computers to emphasize our most coldly rational and greedy qualities, and then using markets to aggregate those computers’ individually hyper-rational behavior — […]

amateur nerd millennials tech news weekly photo challenge

a space craft named New Horizons (haiku, NASA, Bob Dylan)

New Horizon embedded in silence ten long years evade my lens questioning perchance (~a haiku from this nerd to spacecraft) Here is an excerpt from the acceptance speech of the latest Nobel laureate in Literature, Bob Dylan: “When I started writing songs as a teenager, and even as I started to achieve some renown for […]

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plagiarism memes surface Dronexit#24

“I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.” I hear this. As I ponder my fate of being stuck in the past instead of the future, I find myself in the time portal again! What a relief! As usual I have nothing to do than to rehearse the quotes in my head. […]

amateur nerd millennial short-story tech news weekly photo challenge young in heart

time portal starts here (dronexit#16)

Narrow For the benefit of those nerds interested in how the time portal looks or feels like, here are today’s pictures of two perspectives of the time portal: A dark side and a bright side. It depends on your own perspective. Cool. As my time runs out and the time strikes twelve I get set, […]

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today’s tech news googled

today’s googled “tech news” at random. Food for thoughts today by this nerd: “There is a rule of thumb that you can apply to what has happened to the labour market in the developed world over the past 30 years or so. It is that the growth in jobs has been at the top and […]