A Gen-Z nerd’s confession

Hey there. The not-so-young-anymore football fan from last year has yet again hacked into this account and is now giving you a refreshing and thoughtful break from the incessant ranting of the ‘millennial nerd’.

Sometimes I wonder where my older fellow writing nerd gets these wonderful ideas from, ranging from giant jelly babies to (virtual) football clubs. They appear to sprout out from nowhere, and prove to be the epitome of writing: imagining colourful worlds out of mundane societies.

I am now rather harried by the woes of life and am only able to reflect my creativity through painstakingly calligraphed watercolour cards which will soon be available on Etsy (such is the shameless self-promotion of a Gen-Z entrepreneur). I seem to be unable to spout torrents of evocative vocabulary anymore, and feel extremely distressed about this. Perhaps it is the daily workings of this monotonous, routine society that dulls my mind and leaves me sorrowfully drained. It is disappointing, sometimes, that a beacon of light can be put out by the darkest of rains.

I guess I take comfort in the sole knowledge that we Gen-Zs are (very much) more realistic and less daydreamy than the obnoxious, defamed millennials that the world doesn’t really like too much. We all have to grow up someday, and for me personally, I had to do just that, prematurely.

In the body of a 15-year-old, I feel as wise as a nonagenarian and as street-smart as a person of 37. Growing up in this digital age, the world seems to be at our fingertips and all moves at an increased pace. There are always ups and downs to everything, but for me, the increasing advancement of technology in this wireless society proves a pain in the neck, literally, as we are always oh-so-captivated by our smartphones to a point where some of us have never even seen a real tree before. How sad indeed.

Having only recently been given the precious opportunity to experience the world of work ( I tried law and I hated it), I see life from a unnervingly different angle now. I share the suffering of a working adult struggling to earn a living, and I empathise with those encountering discrimination, whether in the workplace, or due to their skin colour or race. I used to think the world was a lovely place full of happiness and free hugs but now it seems to only harbour hateful feelings towards those who do not fit into the social norm.

Oh well, I shall have to leave now. This endless tirade of downcast emotions has taken a toll on me, and I must return to doing my sums.

I leave you with a question for today: what is life? I know, it is often a question asked one too many times, but I urge you all to think of an answer from a different perspective as opposed to the one you have kept for so many years. I hope that by pondering on reflective thoughts, we are able to keep our brains from rusting.

I bid you all adieu, and until next time, farewell.

P.S. I am sad to announce that i rarely even watch football anymore, given the miserable multitasking I am being forced to do, so you can rejoice, dear reader, about (hopefully) never having to sit through another session of me screaming GOAL! every 3.28 seconds or so.

Dronesville football club #4: more algorithm routes to success

More routes of Experimental successes.

dronesville sale pitch“Why are you posting two-dimensional card board people? LOL.” The issue concerning my writing style has been mocked at by a well-meaning but perhaps ignorant unread crony. Another superficial or action-oriented millennial character has the audacity to demand, “Give us Indiana Jones! Pirate of the Caribbean!” I admit I too am loyal fan of them on rainy days when tired of practicing for my next impossible goal of joining the Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps.

But honestly, haven’t you all read the great Asimov’s Foundation? The characters are card board mouthpieces. I shall continue to relentlessly emulate IA (acronym for Isaac Asimov for the uninitiated) at best or JE (Johnny England) at worst. Ahem, an anonymous outsider(?) asks, “Surely you have something significant to REPORT on those flights, don’t you?” The word REPORT arouses my suspicion. I suspect either an IRS agent or a prospecting rival is after the same gold. Who knows he or she might be on the same flights? Not to worry, sooner or later the chap will be ferreted out.

To satisfy my family inquisitor, the retired English teacher grand-aunt, here is the official report: The flights are sardined (sandwiched, warns my former English teacher) with the usual generic flavored travelers and the rest, enigmatic (or rather, anemic as my English teacher remarks) card-board individuals, like me, with inadequate dimensions for profiling to match any algorithm. After many requests ranging from polite gentleman’s perfect dictions to whimpering but futile attempts to attract attention and get food from apathetic “flight attendants” whom I suspect are preset with AI algorithm to repel chaps like me, this innocent victimized human resolutely and stoically sleeps as in hunger strike for a good cause until the first stop where he gorges himself and thereafter snores with Top Secret drum beats in bliss as his digestive and sleep systems synchronize harmoniously.

One young(?) smartly dressed man/woman sells inedible stuff (his/her best-seller book) and this captivated audience carries on sleeping while hearing high-pitched verbose bombastic presentation on how to make a million in one year. Two women of indeterminable ages in front nibble on loud exotic tidbits congratulating each other on having each opportunely made a fortune selling refrigerators, washing and drying machines and air-conditioners to a tropical third world country with regular power failure.

(This reminds one of the report (blog) of 1971 Mali being donated shinny electric IBM typewriters and papers proudly on display to Western visitors by a local governor. They were greeted with the impressive sight of an array of local women sitting on concrete floor behind typewriters which were unplugged because there was no electric power. The governor had a large wall safe opened showing that it was filled with reams of typing papers.*)

A man in his forties but dresses like a teenager wearing a baseball cap whispers succinct bullet points how he buys cheap run down hotels in developing countries, refurbishes with cheap materials and re-sells them for a large margin and is now magnanimously inviting sleeping business partners. To top it all, the “flight attendants” with precise AI do their multitasking entertaining and creative sale pitch.

By the time this humble law abiding citizen of the world finally reaches the capital city he already germinates and masters in his super nerd mind twenty apps for his target potential clients (with sale pitch to each in eight seconds, the maximum current attention span of the Generation Z) on how to become a millionaire in algorithmic ways or at worst give sale pitch on any otherwise boring uneventful long flights.

The overland/overwater journey is another report. (To be continued)

*Credit of this passage about IBM typewriters in a place without electricity goes to: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/475150/posts/2363

For those interested in drum:
https://youtu.be/YJVdnMAGIt8 (Top Secret Drum Corps Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009)

Dronesville football club #3: two routes to success

Experimental season for successes.

The first least impossible goal is to escape from Dronesville. My past efforts had proven futile but this time I have thought out a fail-proof plan. This is the easiest on my goal list, alas. As anyone can see it is that time of the season when everybody is in a celebrating mood. With winter knocking on the door and bounty snow fall promises who would bother with virtual football club?

I just received a WhatsApp message from one ex-classmate who had lost himself for years hiking in a secret place near Timbuktu. It is a message for HELP. “Hi guys you may not know i am still stuck out here being the longest living captain for a football club of former cannibals who have been converted from the love of human meat to football!!! i am running away not out of fear but out of extreme boredom and also because of this sudden insatiable yearning for ________ fried chicken and a shower i must get back to civilization! i know one of you bored nerds out there doing nothing except twittering thumbs can get me out. i am desperate. got to run. bye.” Next, he wrote, “BTW, this hideout the size of a football field is full of gold. Pure gold.”

Aha, I know that is my break. My first two least impossible goals are: “escape from Dronesville’s virtual football club and get some gold for myself (and not for my boss, the English lord.) My getaway action plan: jam the drone controller, tie a muzzle on Grace’s mouth, use my master key to drive off into the sunset my grand aunt’s 2018 Land Rover Defender. Yes she is testing on one before its official launch. I will park it at the ________ international airport safely of course for her to collect.

So far so good. I get away as planned. However, the international flight is not what I have expected. I inadvertently omitted to pre-book and pay for meals online and cannot buy them on the plane. The rules have changed! Why? Because there is a technical hitch and credit cards cannot be accepted. Nor can they accept cash in lieu of card as this is the airline policy. Imagine a young and healthy nerd with nothing to eat for 10hr 35min! Nothing to do except to sleep… At the first stop I eat something at the transit area. It takes another 11 hours to reach the second stop. Again I have to buy whatever food I can on the ground. I fly for another 7 hours to reach the capital of the nation. The drive from the capital takes 20 hours to reach my destination and much of it is off-road. 48 hours of travel plus layover time.

What? You are already tired reading the numbers? Wait till you hear the rest of the story. (To be continued)

P/s: Some geeks just posted on our secret chat board they have calculated the numbers and guessed the routes as: From SF to Heathrow to Johannesburg to Bamako to Timbuktu. LOL! Guess again.

I took this from the internet to show the cronies of the car I mention. Credit to the Source: autoexpress.co.uk
2018 LandRoverDefender

Dronesville football club #2: too many footballs to chase

Dronesville football club 2Dronesville football club 2

“Ka knew very well that life was a meaningless string of random incidents”. It is just Temporary, I finally quote Orhan Pamuk (Snow) to brush aside the impasse when I get too tired and bored watching the football dangling from the ceiling. After all, my life can so far be described somewhat as how Ka must have felt. I differ on the point that it is meaningless. I find my life meaningful, what with serving the Dronesville’s retirees who are mostly my relatives and former teachers and a super-nerd, an English lord who happens to be loaded with privy information about secret treasure buried in unimaginable places to be found with my unique assistance! Yes, I like to be useful even though I may be considered modestly (or largely) lay-back.

Whilst I have the urge to leave the room and grab some food a voice speaks from above. “Do not move!” What? I look around and see no one. Every one is having the usual Dronesville nap. Besides, I live alone in this quiet little house free of rent in lieu of payment for my virtual football club service to the Dronesville residents. Who has spoken? I sit down and look up at the ceiling and to my amazement another droplet of water appears, then another, and another… Soon the ceiling is covered with water droplets which have started to mutate into golf balls, then tennis balls, and finally footballs. Countless of them are now crowding my whole ceiling.

“These are your goals.” What? They are my goals? How can I ever chase after so many goals?
“Yes, look carefully.” There are words written on each football. “Copy.” So I start writing down these goals, “playing European football for the richest club_____, writing _____ commercially viable applications and sell to _____, composing _____ for _____, re-reading and reviewing at least one classic science fiction in depth (such as Asimov’s The Foundation series, sequels and prequels), making attempts to write a series of _____, doing something positive, meaningful and relevant to change lives… There are so many footballs that I just cannot complete copying. The funny thing is they look so familiar. Where have I seen these before?

“So you recognize them?” The voice asks. What? I look at what I have written and then look up as I hear lots of people talking from above. Pictures begin to emerge on the footballs. Faces grinning or frowning and mouths talking. They look alike.

“Are you not chasing your goals? Why are you chasing after hidden treasure instead?”

Now I realize those faces are mine. I have made goals on the spur of moments over the years and never really focus on one. “Don’t you know once you make your goal, it is registered with the ministry of goals? You are expected to chase after each unless it’s harmful/illegal/immoral/abominable/forbidden.”

“Time is urgent and you have so many goals still ahead of you.”
“Will they go away?” I ask in desperation.
“No, unless you make an attempt and then fail. They will hang around you like this ceiling wherever you go.”

OK, that may sound bad but not as bad. I am still young and can start chasing one by one. But the list is so long. I suddenly think of a brilliant scheme. I will chase after the most impossible one and so on in the order of impossibility and eliminate them fast. “What kind of attitude is that?” The voice hears my thought. “You must follow rules. Succeed three before you can fail one.”

Boo Hoo, what can I do but fall face down and cry. To many footballs to chase away…I can imagine a life of “ceilings” dangling with boring footballs or be aswarmed with football looking bees which buzz like human but making no sense.

But I am an optimist. I refuse to be defeated. Whichever way it may look. (Like the two presentations of the same picture. LOL.)

I get up from the floor and look hard at the list of goals. My task now is to identify the three least impossible ones. (to be continued)

Dronesville adventure #17: computer’s cold calculating logic, human perspective, a model mother

“The standard story about computers, generally, is that they lack many of our more appealing human qualities but are really good at cold calculating logic. You’d think that combining the two — using computers to emphasize our most coldly rational and greedy qualities, and then using markets to aggregate those computers’ individually hyper-rational behavior — would work really well. I guess it does; that’s why people keep doing it.” (Matt Levine) As I narrated in my previous blog there was a loud bang and it seemed the end of the word had arrived. I hear confusion and loud rather ungentlemanly murmuring,

“What?! Fire crackers? Come on, be real, this is not ______(another big global nation like the USA) yet!!!” I cannot detect who says by their voices and accents. All sound American to me with the exception of my English lord Sir______ of course. Someone says, “That settles it, I am leaving. I am not sitting around listening to some promotion of cheap trade-off.” Soon I hear chairs and tables being shuffled around and impatient footsteps of those leaving the scene. Distant sounds of engines of expensive automobiles too.

Who is speaking today? I wonder. Then I hear this cold voicing of a nerd/millennial’s quote on the stage. I cannot see the speaker. Is it a machine or is it a human? I wonder. He sounds ordinary alright, like you and me, or any cool millennial. I recognize the quote from Bloomberg View on Money Stuff, an email I subscribe to. Whoever is standing on the stage is a nerd from the future like me who happens to be around for no particular reason. But he continues quoting the whole article. Rather like the aliens who have landed speaking to the earthlings in seemingly same and yet incomprehensible language. I never realize how unreal we may sound to those who live in mere twenty years ago. How much has the world gone through from 1996 to 2016. Even a seven year old can become an adult taking care of number one (me) now. LOL.

Because I do not see the speaker and do not know his personal traits: race, skin color, nationality, physique, stature, weight, height, hair color, hairdo, dressing, facial, hand gestures, posture, overall mannerism etc I have to cast aside my personal prejudices (which I admit I still have), like William Blake declared, “For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.” I am not saying that the above nerd speaker’s quote (on computer etc) is great because it’s just an article I pick by random to illustrate a point about human perspective.

The sudden invisibility of all people around me has made me looked inward and outward beyond the narrow chinks of my cavern. Suddenly I see something right before me, a dried flattened earwig lying on the table as I turn over an invisible place mat. The poor earwig must have been there for ages. I recall an article in the Manchester Guardian on 6th March 1917, a hundred years ago, “Female Earwig a Model Mother”:
Quote: “It was the earwigs that I specially noticed, and I was almost sorry for them, for, like birds, they were sitting on their eggs. I had to stop occasionally to watch a half-awake mother earwig, if I did not happen to have damaged her with my spade. She turned up an expostulating and threatening tail, metaphorically rubbed her eyes, dazzled by the unexpected light, and then began to fuss round, striving to gather together those precious eggs. She is a model mother amongst insects, and when the tiny larva – very like her in general appearance – are hatched she looks after them in quite a correct manner, while the babes seem to recognise their nurse and crowd round her like much more highly developed animals, even crawling upon her back for a ride.”Unquote. What a wonderful mother!.

When I no longer encumber my eyes and mind with the things I tend to see physically, I see and recall stuff that may be rare and precious. Like treasure hunting in a realm I rarely visit. Guess this new vast empty space enhances focus on stuff that matters at the right time and right place.

In a way, it this NOT what Symbiosis MEANS? Human, other creatures, and even computers past and present co-existing.

late 19th century: modern Latin, from Greek sumbiōsis ‘a living together,’ from sumbioun ‘live together,’ from sumbios ‘companion.’
BTW: “LOL, see how _____ suddenly becomes SOOO…INTROSPECTIVE!” My nerd cronies have lampooned at my previous blog ranting mercilessly in their latest comment in our private chat board. Well, this one will divert you guys so you go digging out the Money article and see what it is all about.

to reach or not to reach (Dronexit#26)


a narrow door -time portal

It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. This is the statement i have decided to use to finish this episode in Dronesville. My famous source is George Orwell in 1984 (1949) of course! By now the blog readers who are unfamiliar with this nerd, and who stray here without a reference from my cronies, would have noticed anyway that this nerd seems to be nerdy about English, British, WWII, drones, robots, vault, social media chat, messaging, nerd terminology, pictures created by cut and paste and overlay of objects and scenes taken or created by others on my own originals, story telling, adventure and spy movies reaching far back into history, science that borders on fantasy, overlay of individuals (often historical) on my current or fantasized scenes like what Pokemon Go does with little monsters overlaying on your mobile phone screens, pasting of my memes in your imagination with my blogs, and of course, cartoon characters, funny jokes, and literature quotes and misquotes etc.

the Dronesville residents call a meeting and give me a farewell party. The president of the Dronexit committee, a former botany science teacher, makes a descent speech about my contribution as the youngest (uncovered) member of this retiree community who belongs largely to the Baby Boomers and Silent Generation. “One thing we admit you do pretty well is being resourceful in trying and not giving up. And you dare reach where no one or hardly anyone dares.” He says.

The members reach an agreement and give me a gold medal with this inscription, “To reach or not to reach, that is the question” -a deliberate misquote from William Shakespeare – To be, or not to be (from Hamlet 3/1).

My former English teacher (who is also my grand-aunt) specifies, “We define the word ‘reach’ as follows:
[ no obj. ] (reach out) chiefly N. Amer. seek to establish communication with someone, with the aim of offering or obtaining assistance or cooperation: his style was to reach out all the time, especially to members of his own party | anyone in need of assistance should reach out to the authorities as soon as possible.
succeed in achieving: the intergovernmental conference reached agreement on the draft treaty.
make contact or communicate with (someone) by telephone or other means: I’ve been trying to reach you all morning.
(of a broadcast or other communication) be received by: television reached those parts of the electorate that other news sources could not.
succeed in influencing or having an effect on: their fresh sound and message reach people who may never set foot in a church.

Quite a tall order and prophecy for me and my futuristic journey in this blogging nerd’s life ahead. Blogging is all about ‘reaching’ an audience. The same with any social media. We just yearn to ‘connect’. Some prefer the word ‘share’. We like to share.

Whatever we use to describe this yearning behind every WordPress blogger, the motivation is similar. The mode of presentation too. We rely mainly on two things: pictures that say a thousand words. And a thousand words.

I have since discovered that this nerd’s targets do not read WordPress blogs or any blogs with words. To be precise, they do not read words unless the words interest them. How to make my words interesting to the millennials? My nerd friends tell me: fun and usefulness. And along this goal-path I shall plod.

I have not ferreted out the other two or three nerds hiding in Dronesville. They have moved house and do not seek to communicate. Apparently the lady who did not appear a nerd is one of them. She too vanishes into nerd’s air.

My time is up. I am due to travel to my distant and more exciting land treasure hunting. Good bye, Dronesville nerds. Time for my narrow door -my time travel portal now. Signed, a nerd from Dronesville. (Plodding on to reach my goals)


“To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,”
(William Shakespear)

p/s: This daily prompt stuff is good. I find lots of inspirations in formulating my nerd adventure story in Dronesville! Thanks! Continue to have fun, all!


a profound starwar

a profound starwar

profound starwar2

profound starwar3It was an ordinary night and I was hurrying back across a narrow strait. The bus was crowded with millennials and everyone was engrossed with his or her own mobile. As we were approaching the other end of the bridge, I took photos at random out of boredom. I took about two dozen pictures not really looking at the subjects. A few days later I downloaded the pictures into my PC and looked at them. I found a series of star war scenes captured by my ordinary Samsung Galaxy…I look at them now and ask myself a few profound questions:
What have I really captured?
Are they aliens shooting in another realm?
Had the bus crossed into another dimension as it was loaded with tech know millennials?
Did we by mass clicking on the digital mobiles create a concentrated virtual zone where the virtual activities moved into the physical?
These are what we nerds consider as profound questions.

Note: The photos are in their original forms, unedited. But I had to reduce the size considerably.

a carefree spy dog (dronexit#9)

dog spyingBy popular demand I continue to put in focus Gracie the wise and carefree dog who somehow lands herself in another mysterious heroic deed in our third drone patrol night. To be honest, I am quite pleased not to be involved if possible. Here is how Gracie does it again.

Gracie has a habit to spy on interesting thing or people. According to my senior retiree nerds, she may be considered in the class of Hercules Poirot (of Agatha Christie’s fame), whereas I, alas, they claim, more the inspector Clouseau of Pink Panther notoriety, no matter how much I fancy myself an Ethan Hunt of Mission Impossible. Of course in the olden days people spied mainly with their mind without technology. I admit in many ways the mind computer is far more superior than a digital mobile or laptop. The technology gadgets today are to help persons like me born and raised in digital virtual world starting from my nursery days and we have never been weaned. Tech to me is like a milk bottle without which I shall be helplessly whining.

Tonight I am armed with Gracie, a drone, a robot and my mobile as usual. We have been briefed to walk a different route and avoid the park altogether. Why? My commander Mr. Bee says so and it is so. We are told to walk a big round to the far side of the housing estate/development. It is 3am and the place is deserted. I set off the drone as usual and find a spot under a tree to rest and play my Pokemon Go. I congratulate myself when I start the hunt, as there are truly plenty of cartoon aliens in this new zone.

I play while keeping an eye on Gracie. Suddenly I see Gracie creeping stealthily toward a fence and stands up as she normally does when she wants to peep at the other side. The drone too has flown and hovered near the fence. My robot starts flashing a red warning signal to me. What is over that fence to create such an avalanche of signs and signals? I reluctantly get up and walk across to see what Gracie is watching.  What I see is beyond everything I can ever dream of or imagine.

“HYPERLOOPY ENTRANCE”. The sign flashes in front of a new building. I have never seen it before. There are parked cars in the compound but no sign of any human. What does Gracie see and why is the drone hovering behind Gracie like being unable to go beyond the fence? From what I know the capsules and transportation system are not yet in commercial operation. Suddenly Gracie barks and I realize too late as my two arms are being grabbed and bent backward, handcuffed, blindfolded, and my body dumped into a sack, tied and sealed with a rope, and hauled over the fence like a sack of potatoes. Someone or a machine arm catches this sack of human potatoes and places me on a moving conveyor belt which sends me sliding fast toward an unknown destination. THE FAST MOTION does not deter me from quick thinking. What will Ethan Hunt do in Mission Impossible? Scenes of what he does to get out of many sticky situations flash through but none fits my current predicament. My mobile phone is no longer with me. Suddenly it dawns on me that I am now in a capsule, a reduced pressure tube. And I am being propelled forward at a speed of at least 600mph. I have stumbled across an experiment. But why the handcuff? Why the gunny sack? I cannot comprehend. Why me? Again I cannot fathom the depth of such an adventure. What shall I do? Is there time to wiggle myself out of this most unpleasant journey? Can I remain carefree? Will I run out of air? My brain becomes overloaded with worrying cliche.

My pocket beeps like an email receiver. My Plan-B the robot which is strapped to my body is receiving emails and reading out my emails verbally! I issue voice command and it does its replying job perfectly. Mr. Bee is on the other side reading my email and issuing command to someone. They know where I am and tell me not to worry as the police has been alerted. When the machine comes to halt and I am released from my prison I realize that I have not traveled a bit as it is only an experiment. Apparently two deluded nerds have broken into the ground illegally and tried out this new digital ‘toy’! They mistook me as an enemy spy and thought it might be a good idea to teach me a lesson. How does Mr. Bee know about me being somewhere I should not be?

Apparently Gracie hid herself with the drone hovering over her head and led it manually to Mr. Bee’s house. The drone has taken a video of my capture. So Mr. Bee immediately alerted the police and they detected through my robot that I was still in the building. They found my mobile phone with one of the thieves with the digital Pokemon Go game still on. It helped the police to locate him.

So that is how Gracie the dog again saves the day. Was it a carefree night out for her? Yes, she receives plenty of goodies to eat and gentle pats on her head too. She really enjoys being the centre of attention. She sticks out her tongue and dances her usual circe dance. The senior nerds say that they have never seen such a happy dog before.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~wikipedia information:
Hyperloop is a tradename and a registered trademark of SpaceX for the high speed transportation of passengers and goods in tubes in which capsules are propelled by linear induction motors and air compressors.

the depth of a dog (Dronexit#8)

dog head
This is how my dog Gracie becomes the drone patrol hero instead of me. By popular request (from my remotely extended clan, seniors and nerdy dog loving cronies etc.) I decide to dedicate this chapter to the dog in depth so you won’t think of her as a mere caricature, stereotype, or cliche.

She has come to our family as an abandoned new born. She probably has labrador retriever blood in her but she neither retrieves nor can she swim. She belongs to the house as many of us travel in and out and whoever is around adopts her as his or her personal dog. Despite her being uninterested in being trained she is smart in many ways. For example she can stealthily sink her canine teeth into your shoe with such precisely calculated depth without hurting you foot a bit. Her motive is to deter you from causing harm to yourself or others.

On the second night of my drone patrol Gracie comes along but this time she wears a muzzle. I am confident of a good and peaceful night out. After setting off the drone to do its patrolling, I sit on a park bench and play with my newly acquired Pokemon Go**, submerging into the world of augmented reality (AR).* Having fortified myself during the day by sleeping I am now alert and fresh. I have the whole little park to myself and a few aliens are floating nearby for me to conquer and capture. What more can I ask for?

A physical commotion which does not come from my virtual world wakes me from my solo bliss. Gracie is running like crazy chasing her aliens too! She plays her version of Pokemon Go? I marvel at the sight. I decide to follow her and solve the mystery of a dog (not a human) without a mobile being able to detect or receive digital signals and actually see the overlays in the virtual world without wearing or holding a digital gadget? What a discovery which will sure make me million.

That is how we start having the real adventure of tonight’s drone patrol. Gracie runs furiously ahead with me tailing her and running like a mad person over uneven terrain cluttered with many natural and artificial obstacles in the middle of the night in a park surrounded by a ring of houses. Gracie is growling loudly at something, which has no business to be around, she obviously sees or smells despite the muzzle. I am just running without any clue or direction. Then I see a huge shape of something falling from a tree, crashing into the bush, rolling down the stone steps, splashing into the pond. It is like a KungFu movie stuntman in slow motion revealed by the superbly positioned spotlight of the supernaturally bright moonlight. It is a man in black. Before he can struggle to his feet in the slimy fungus infested pond, our Gracie (who by then has shaken off her muzzle) jumps into the pond wth her 20,000 megawatt amplified ferocious roar and sinks her canine teeth into his leg/foot.

Once again, like the previous drone patrol night, all the lights are suddenly switched on. Every resident of this retirees’ community comes out with baseball bats/golf sticks/ shotguns in hand. While I try to figure out why Gracie has picked on that poor guy Gracie finally lets go and comes out of the water with her trophy, the drone in her mouth. That thief has intercepted our drone and Gracie has retrieved it!

Well, this is how Gracie, a dog, has decidedly become the dronexit hero number one of the neighborhood of senior nerds. (To be continued)

*Quoted from Mashable:
Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. By contrast, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one. Augmentation is conventionally in real-time and in semantic context with environmental elements, such as sports scores on TV during a match. With the help of advanced AR technology (e.g. adding computer vision and object recognition) the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable. Artificial information about the environment and its objects can be overlaid on the real world.

**Quoted from nyTimes: Many technology companies thought A.R. might first take off through specialized business applications that, for example, allow architects to visualize finished building projects in situ. Instead, it took a game based on a beloved entertainment franchise from the mid-1990s in Japan to help the technology go mainstream.
Pokémon Go represents one of those moments when a new technology — in this case, augmented reality or A.R., which fuses digital technology with the physical world — breaks through from a niche toy for early adopters to something much bigger. The idea behind the technology is to overlay digital imagery on a person’s view of the real world, using a smartphone screen or a headset.
In the case of Pokémon Go, players traverse the physical world following a digital map, searching for cartoon creatures that surface at random. People look through their smartphone cameras to find Pokémon. When an animated creature appears, they toss Pokéballs at it until it is subdued. (http://www.nytimes.com/)

a dog’s life (dronexit#7)


tree and dog

This is how I become the neighborhood’s number one hero. The drone lands on my head precariously yet without a hitch beautifully executed by my Plan-B robot in my pocket. While balancing myself with the drone up there like a good oriental circus practitioner with super-human physical skills and dexterity, I am warmly ushered into the dining room of the oldest and most respectable resident senior nerd, the Dronexit chairman, Mr.Bee (not his real name)on this block. My dog Gracie too receives undeserved favor with my sketcher still hanging from her mouth.

The Dronexit chairman calls a meeting as all the members (ages between 65-85) are here. We have cups of hot tea with cookies. Gracie gets her doggie treat too. Mr.Bee, who is a retired botanist congratulates me for completing a truly difficult and near impossible task climbing up that tree with such speed with the dog dangling at one foot. But he warns that the next secret mission should not be so noisy and open for everyone to see. He expects discretion.

“But sir, I cannot do it in silence with Gracie insists on going the round with me!” I try to get out of this most unpleasant assignment. But they are not going to let me off. While all shake their heads, Mr. Bee says, “Young person, just look around the dinning table, is anyone of us capable of climbing that tree?”

“Is any head here capable of performing as a drone landing pad so perfectly?”

“Can any of us race up and down the streets in such speed and agility with a furiously barking dog right at the heel?”

“That settles it, none of us will be seen dead doing any of the stuff you do tonight!” My former English teacher finally declares.

The meeting is dismissed amicably and I get to go home to sleep finally, with the robot in one pocket, drone in the other, and Gracie happily trotting along, stuffed with doggie goodies. At least it has been a good night out for her after all. As for me? Speechless again. (to be continued)


SpaceX rocket landing padUnpredictable
I know too late that the drone has decided to use my head as its landing pad. It is a safe landing for the drone. As for me? Speechless.
“We are the distracted generations, wasting hours a day checking irrelevant emails and intrusive social media accounts. And this “always on” culture – exacerbated by the smartphone – is actually making us more stressed and less productive.” Someone just sent me this email and I am reading it before I venture out to do Dronexit patrol at nightfall, armed with my Plan-B. How true it sounds. All the distractions my email and smartphone are causing me. Because I have subscribed to a number of blogs my email alerts me as and when they post new blogs. Why don’t I unsubscribe or turn off the notifications? I like to say to them I appreciate them asap just as they do to my blogs. It is like a social club even though we have no idea who we really are restricting our interactions only on virtual platform. I now know when, at what frequency and what sort of blogs they likely post and what photos I can expect to see. Quite a civil and genteel small group of perhaps twenty or less regulars.

Coming back to Plan-B. I might as well get ready for the fist drone patrol. I enter my closet and the vault below and take out a tiny robot. I am not supposed to take it out but I have no option. I am not going out there in the dark alone. I carry it in my camel bush jacket left chest pocket. It is guarding my heart. Then I put on my sketcher shoes for walking and am quite ready with the pre-set drone in my right chest pocket, wearing my night-vision goggles.

The time is almost 3am. This is the scheduled time set by the group of statistical and mathematical retirees. But I have overlooked one thing. The dog Gracie. She is not used to seeing me going for walk without her! As I walk stealthily down the street, Gracie is barking in my garden like the house is on fire and she is stuck inside. She is a tiny dog but her bark is mysteriously amplified as if she is barking through loud speakers with over 20,000 watts in amplification in the heat of the night. I look at my watch and note that it is exactly three and the drone must set off now! I have no choice but to release it into the night sky. But Gracie is not stopping. I can hear her two streets away. Some houses switch on their lights. I have to go back to stop her. So I switch on the robot, climb the tallest tree in the neighborhood and place it there to supervise the drone while I race home.

Since I can’t stop Gracie from barking I decide to release her onto the street as well. She enjoys her night out tremendously and is so excited that she continues barking gleefully as we race down the blocks to where the tree and my drone patrol operation is. By then I am more concerned about my precious robot alone up there on the tree top. So I start climbing up and poor Gracie is concerned too as she has never seen me doing this in her life! She thinks perhaps I am in grave danger so she jumps her olympic best and sinks her teeth into my sketcher and holds fast with all her might, refusing to let go.

By then all the lights are switched on and my elderly neighbors are opening their front doors with base ball clubs and shot guns in their hands. “O my Plan-B, my Plan-B,” I manage to shake loose the sketcher hanging from Gracie’s mouth and continue climbing up to reach the robot. It is in tact, perching on a branch. No words can express my relief as I safely tuck it away in my chest pocket again and climb down.

But then the neighbors are ducking and some are running back into their homes.

I know too late that the drone has decided to use my head as its landing pad. It is a safe landing for the drone. As for me? Speechless. (To be continued)

(This is part six of a series in a short story for my nerdy young and older friends and others.The dog is non-fiction.)

I am no hero.dronexit#2

dronexit#1I am not a hero. A piercing shriek followed by pathetic sounds of whimper in my front yard shatter my fragile peace. Shaken from chilling out on the lounge chair nursing my bundle of nerves by watching Mr.Beans, recovering from the disastrous news of my beloved nation opting to become number two again like the TB safely behind GB, now repeating history to have a MT2 behind EURO power woman AM, I venture to stir myself from hibernation.

Stealthily I creep to the curtain of my French window and peep through a minuscule space. what I see makes sense. No wonder my poor dog “Gracie” is whimpering, hiding herself in her makeshift storm shelter behind a thick sheet of indestructible plastic canvas.

A UK PM MT#2 complete with hairdo, hair color and makeup etc, but with the newest number ten wannabe smart Euro-suit dressing and German AM accent is shrieking at Gracie. I am not surprised that the social media drone has done its work and finally forces its presence at my front gate. I am not worried because I am prepared for this day.

“xxx!” She cries. “Open this gate and stop that politically incorrect person (meaning Gracie)!” It is the voice of my former English teacher! She is normally quite unflustered but today she seems a wee bit off her usual healthy wholesome outdoor English provincial farm mother colour.

She hurries into the house and hands me a IPAD size box labelled DRONEXIT#1. “Here you are, guard with your life!” She starts her monologue. “You know, I am quite politically correct now. I just told my old mother that I will henceforth call her in an ancient Chinese term,  Niang (for mom), which no English politically-correct person can ever guess. God (oops, I mean X) bless her. I also WhatsApp all my children to warn them not to associate with me in public, and call me Niang in private (beware of social media drones). I have registered myself as a resident in London City, Paris, Hamburg, Milan, San Francisco and Shanghai and to be precise I am now cosmopolitan and not provincial! LOL!”

Then she rolls her eyes with a tinge of sadness, “But I do miss being a mother and a provincial wife who happily makes shepherd’s pies for her sons!”

“Above all,” she whispers, “I miss calling God “God”” She has tears in her eyes. “I just have to make do with the substitute “X”. I asked Him for His forgiveness.” Then she breaks out into a full blast of weeping and lamenting in my sitting room. The thick white rice cake on her cheeks starts melting and she gradually looks more like my good old provincial English teacher whom we ex-pupils still love much in reverence for the godly values she drummed into our young and stubborn heads.

I cannot help but budge in as I focus my worries on her box. “What is inside this box?” I am not to be caught with anything with a hint of motherhood or being provincial. I can imagine the day when I wake up and find a social media drone hovering at my bedroom window taking snapshots so some social media (all the politically-correct ruling newspapers and internet/mobile social media and connect platforms) guru will have a field day with my secret life as a naturally born citizen of this nation. Of course, I am fully aware that the majority of this nation are silent as they are not tech-know. The silent majority who are provincial and mother-respecting cannot help me against the drone invasion.

She suddenly looks at her watch and exclaims, “O dear, I forgot that I have an appointment!” She practically speaks in exclamation. “I have enrolled in the German class. You never know what will happen to English language. I am patriotic but I need to camouflage and fortify myself for future since I cannot keep my English identity. You too, young person! (She is careful in using words with no gender connotation now. My former English teacher is a fast learner. I will vote for her if she ever runs for government…sigh.)

When I sink into my couch and start examining the box labelled DRONEXIT#1, I cannot help but think of two great books written by two famous English writers: BRAVE NEW WORLD, and THE CHILDREN OF MAN.

Quotes from Wikipedia
Brave New World is a novel written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley and published in 1932. Set in London in the year AD 2540 (632 A.F.—”After Ford”—in the book), the novel anticipates developments in reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation, and classical conditioning that combine profoundly to change society.

The Children of Men is a dystopian novel by P.D. James that was published in 1992. Set in England in 2021, it centres on the results of mass infertility. James describes a United Kingdom that is steadily depopulating and focuses on a small group of resisters who do not share the disillusionment of the masses.

A young nerd’s quotes

Jefferson Bethke“We refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phone, log off Facebook, and just sit in silence, because in those moments we might actually have to face up to who we really are.”

“I hear a lot of people say that the fear of death and the fear of public speaking are two of the main fears in my generation, but I disagree. I think it’s the fear of silence. We refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phones, log off Facebook, and just sit in silence, because in those moments we might actually have to face up to who we really are. We fear silence like it’s an invisible monster, gnawing at us, ripping us open, and showing us our dissatisfaction. Silence is terrifying.”

“Trying to live without community is like trying to live without oxygen. We weren’t created to do it.”

“Without the rain there is no beauty in the summer. Rain gives depth, it gives beauty, and it gives roots. If a plant is only exposed to sun and no rain, it becomes dry, flimsy, and dead. Too many times we curse the rain in our lives-suffering, trials, hardships-but the truth is without rain nothing grows.”

“When I was trying to earn Jesus by being good, I missed the real Jesus who wants us to love him and serve him not for what he gives but for who he is—dangerous, unpredictable, radical, and amazing.”

“One of my favorite things about following Jesus is I get to drop the act, admit I’m not good enough, walk in freedom-and that’s good news.”

The Bible isn’t a rule book. It’s a love letter. I’m not an employee. I’m a child. It’s not about my performance. It’s about Jesus’ performance for me. Grace isn’t there for some future me but for the real me. The me who struggled. The me who was messy. ….. He loves me in my mess; he was not waiting until I cleaned myself up.”

“How stupid would it look if when someone broke a hand, the foot started criticizing the hand? That what we look like when Christians begin to criticize the church. One part of the body should lead itself to the healing process of another hurting member. That’s love. That’s the gospel. And that is Jesus.”

“I was just lying there, swimming in my own shame and guilt, when this still small voice whispered into the depths of my soul: I love you. I desire you. I delight in you. I saw you were going to that before I went to the cross, and I still went.”

“In a weird way it seems the only qualification for us to be justified is to be ungodly. It’s like God is saying the only way to qualify is to admit you don’t qualify.”

“So what do we do then? What do you do when the only thing you want to do is yell at God and tell him how awful it is? You do exactly that. Cry. Yell. Scream. Be honest. Be transparent. And be vulnerable. For the first nineteen years of my life, I wanted God to give me an answer, but now I’ve found it is better when I get him. An answer isn’t going to bring that spouse back. An answer won’t ease that pain. But what will is God’s Grace in the depths of our souls.”

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep lowing concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.”

“But I always wonder why we Christians are the ones who get slapped with the too-narrow-and-exclusive card when everyone’s point of view is the same. Think about it: Every worldview is exclusive to itself. Even by that classmate saying I was arrogant for thinking my was right, she was doing the same thing-saying I was wrong, and she was right. How arrogant of her-not really, but according to her own logic. yes.”

“God’s grace is so much more powerful of a motivator than fear. Love is the deepest motivator. Only love can produce not only willing obedience but also lasting obedience. If you are being motivated by fear, rules, anger, or some other emotion, it usually only lasts while that emotion is there. Love, being a state of the heart, lasts even past the initial emotion.”

(Above quotes are taken from Jefferson Bethke, Jesus > Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, and Being Good Enough)

today’s tech news googled

tech news at wheniamsixtyeight

today’s googled “tech news” at random. Food for thoughts today by this nerd: “There is a rule of thumb that you can apply to what has happened to the labour market in the developed world over the past 30 years or so. It is that the growth in jobs has been at the top and bottom end of the skill range, with jobs in the middle being hollowed out. So there are more jobs for surgeons and lawyers, and more for delivery drivers and bar staff. To say that is not to disparage lower-skilled work. Quite the reverse. One of the troubles of our society is that we don’t have enough respect for lower-skilled but essential jobs, and don’t do enough to make “bad” jobs better. But there is growth. By contrast, and to over-simplify, blue collar production line jobs have been replaced by robots and white collar clerical ones by computers.” (quoted from online source on job-competition)

Elon Musk: Chance we are not living in a computer simulation is ‘one in billions’

The Independent – 12 hours ago

… in The Matrix, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO suggested at a tech conference in California.

Facebook uses AI to understand text-based posts

BBC News – 13 hours ago

17 more billionaires agree to give away their loot

USA TODAY – 8 hours ago

More news for tech news

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Could Xiaomi be planning to enter the US market soon? onforb.es/1TLLUf2 pic.twitter.com/e5SskQE2T…

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As closely as I’ve followed the development of autonomous vehicles over the past few years, it somehow never occurred to me that they’d have to know when to …

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imagine your thumb prints cannot be used


a frightening thought: your thumb prints can no longer identify you. everything you need must be accessed online with thumb prints. or perhaps eye prints. but you have just changed your natural lenses to artificial lenses. your thumb prints are too blurred after wear and tear. your eye prints are inaccurate. all your supplies are ordered online and delivered by robots. the world is too scary to venture out. no human beings go outdoor anymore. robotics rule the world of supplies and demand of goods and services. no more cash transactions. you access your bank accounts online. you open doors and gates by your thumb prints or eye prints. perhaps DNA prints if available.  OPTION? HIDE OUT IN THE MOUNTAIN WITH THE REMOTEST TRIBE ON EARTH IF ANY.

I, Daniel Blake

Read this about an elderly man who was compelled to use internet. He has no smart phone, no computer, no internet. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/may/12/i-daniel-blake-ken-loachs-welfare-state-polemic-is-blunt-dignified-and-brutally-moving?CMP=share_btn_fb#_=_
Watch this not-tech-know sad story
this cheerfully open, unreflective man is naively candid about his intention to avoid work for his health – so is humiliatingly labelled as a scrounger. Everything has to be applied for online, but Blake has no computer, no smartphone, no internet, and is mortifyingly incompetent at using the terminals in his public library, which crash or freeze just as he is reaching the end of the form, so he must go back to the beginning…

an English language savvy young football nerd

football coach pray
football coach prays

Can a football nerd be good at academic study and nerdy interest simultaneously? The latest answer is “Yes”. A thirteen-year-old fan of a football club spent about a month doing her revision seriously and got A1 for her Math, Science and English. She made a significant jump from the bottom Ds to ranking with the few A1 elites in her class. How did she do it? She made a deal with her mom. She wanted a TV with subscription to Fox Sports so she could watch her favorite European football live matches. It was an impossible deal unless a miracle happened. It did. She now has her TV with Fox Sports. It just shows how the right kind of motivation can work wonders. Of course, credit must be given to her elderly grandma and grand-aunt, aunt and others who diligently prayed for her to succeed. Why? Are they football fans too? No. They prayed because at year-end there will be a streaming between arts and science in her grade. She comes from a family of scientists* and no one in their ‘rightful-scientific’ (quoted from the scientific family senior) mind can envisage her going into arts stream. Besides the kid said adamantly she has to be a scientist because she cannot (or rather is too layback to) memorize historical names and dates. Was her result a fluke? No. this kid is intelligent and masters her language well. She likes math and science so there is no fluke. She just needs a push to study and sports channel has given the right push at the right time. One main reason why she needs to watch now and not in future is that all her favorite players are retiring soon and she may not have a chance to see them play next year. So she is happy watching football now. Her folks are all happy that she can become a scientist if she continues to adhere to the deal and work diligently on her school work. Her language is good and she is creative too. She has been selected to join a summer class on creative art (with focus on writing poetry) this coming June in a good university. After all, it certainly looks like all’s well that ends well.

p/s: *the only exception is an arts or rather literature-inclined senior in the family who laments that there will be no English literature successor after all.

hacker scare and internet addiction

huaweitoggleThis amateur nerd had a scare today. He was on the internet until around 5am and decided to call it a day (a night rather). But he changed his mind and restarted his Apple PC and the internet router to continue to work on something he earlier omitted. To his horror he was unable to have internet connection. As he could not use the Huawei USB pen-drive toggle, he used an Asus router as a WiFi hotspot with a preset password by someone from whom he inherited this router. When he plucked in the USB modem to his Dell PC just to check the data usage and balance he was shocked to see the usage was near maximum, for day and for night, even for an unknown free video data given by the internet provider!

Many possibilities came to his mind, of which the biggest imagination was someone had hacked into his router password which he had stored in the router, two PCs and a smart phone. Lately his Samsung smart phone started behaving strangely with the sign “Yahoo cannot be started” appearing on and off. He does not use Yahoo and this alert came from nowhere. Was his phone hacked? It was a nightmarish situation, being stuck between the remains of the night and the break of dawn without the security of having an internet access. What if he needed to do something urgently using his PC? He recalled the time when his PC crashed to the floor in a third world country where they seemed to have regular power outage then, and he was forced to use his smartphone for a week to type Window Word documents for someone, straining his eyes and neck muscle working against deadline.

He waited until daybreak and rushed to the internet provider’s shop. After checking his account he was further shocked to find that he had huge unused data balances (7 GB for internet and 7 GB for the free video as a promotion from the provider) for the rest of the month. So it was a scare for nothing.

The serious thought of weaning internet comes to mind now. BTW he still hasn’t solved the mysterious appearance of the Yahoo message on his smart phone…(to be continued)

more on successful bloggers/nerders

appleitemHere is another random link and sample of a successful (by being tech resourceful) and high earning blogging site. Who are they and how do they present themselves? Food for thoughts for younger nerd-blogger to be. It is interesting and informative.


how they describe themselves: About
Dedicated to highlighting the latest and greatest in personal technology since 2005, SlashGear covers everything from cutting-edge tech gear to the latest digital lifestyle trend. Distinctive, informative and fresh, we’ll keep bringing you device information and reviews you can trust as well as thought-provoking commentary.

We welcome community involvement and recommend our readers to voice their opinions on our site by commenting on our stories.

SlashGear is part of R3 Media LLC. If you have a product you’d like us to review, a story you think we should be covering, or some feedback on any aspect of the site, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via our contact page.

Editorial Team
Vincent Nguyen
Vincent’s hunger for tech scoop makes him one of the best in the industry when it comes to getting information on breaking stories. As R3 Media co-founder, Vincent plays an enormous part in keeping SlashGear’s editorial agenda fresh and exciting. Vincent loves to travel and enjoy the challenges of covering tech show.
Chris Davies
Executive Editor
Writing for R3 Media since 2006, Chris Davies is currently the executive editor for SlashGear & Android Community. Based in London, UK, & San Francisco, he’s responsible for SlashGear’s editorial decisions, and covers all forms of consumer technology.
Ewdison Then
Publisher & CEO
An advocate for the open source community, Ewdison Then is the co-founder of R3 Media, the media content company behind SlashGear. Ewdi is responsible for editorial planning, product & business development, strategy, and building the company’s culture.
Chris Burns
Managing Editor
Chris Burns is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Graphic Design and has worked in design journalism since 2007. He is currently writing for SlashGear as well as Android Community, where he’s spearheading the effort to keep the open source community informed on everything Android.
Matthew Askari
Automotive Director
Matt is a veteran of the auto and travel industries, and has contributed to more than a dozen titles, ranging from top hardcore enthusiast outlets to lifestyle and luxury. His work has been seen in Autoblog, Buzzfeed, Motor Trend, Hemispheres, Road & Track, Luxury Magazine, DuJour, and Cool Hunting, among others.
JC Torres
Senior Editor
An open source contributor and holds doubly lethal degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science. When not working, he spends his time lurking and helping out in KDE Project.
Brittany Hillen
Senior Editor
Brittany write for both a living and for fun, which is a strange sort of dichotomy. She spends her days getting paler in the land of anti-sun known as the Pacific Northwest.
Chris Scott Barr
A veteran in the gaming industry, Chris “Scott” Barr is a PC & Console gamer with experience in tech and consumer electronics reporting.
Benjamin Hunting
Automotive Columnist
Passionate about cars, Benjamin has worked through several positions over a period of ten years in biotechnology, IT and pharmaceuticals research.
Shane McGlaun
Shane has been writing for SlashGear since June 2009. His writing has been published in several well known outlet such as Laptop Magazine and Computer Shopper.
Liaw Kim Poh
A graduate of National University of Singapore, Kim Poh runs in the tunnel of news overload to assist the editorial team on finding scoops. He resides in a beautiful country of Singapore.

Here is a sample of their column on smartphone: Apple’s next product needs to be insanely Android by Chris Burns – May 4, 2016
The future of computing – especially mobile computing – is not in smartphones. In a very short period of time, 10 years or so, smartphones have reached a point at which there’s little room for innovation. Sharpness on smartphone displays already exceeds what the human eye is able to distinguish at a normal viewing distances. Smartphone cameras are more than nice enough for what we generally use them for. Members of the public do not need new smartphones. So what can Apple do?

Apple needs to make a moonshot. They need to make a device that’s as central to your everyday life as the iPhone (or whatever smartphone you have now) has become over the past decade. Apple can not – and SHOULD NOT – do this alone.

When Apple made the iPhone, Steve Jobs’ keynote for the device included the following quote, just to drive home the point that they meant business when it came to this device and the software it ran.

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware” – Alan Kay
(read on: http://www.slashgear.com/apples-next-product-needs-to-be-insanely-android-04438814/)

By the time I am sixty-eight: for young nerds

lotusI shall be_______ (fill in the blank).
What shall I be? What shall I do? where would I be?
Right now it’s hard to say exactly what I shall become as I am subject to ‘change’ which is the only ‘constant’ according to a famous management cliché at one time when the corporate world went crazy in re-engineering and re-inventing itself etc.
So what shall I say about my own future? I know this much may not change as an amateur-nerd: having the un-quenching drive, passion and expertise in the field in which I have been somewhat endowed.
Is it important to say what you will become even if you are only thirteen years old? My answer is YES. Why do I like to choose the tender age of thirteen when I give example? perhaps it’s because I happen to have readers who are thirteen or below. Besides I believe it’s a good age to start if you want to start living differently. The parents may have different views. Well, my advice to the parents is that never underestimate your children. Excuse me, they are not brats. They are junior human beings. But human beings alright.
You may aim to become a high-flying tech-guru like Bill Gates/Steve Jobs or a whoever in the world of fame and fortune of the I tech, or especially in the currently social media obsessed internet world. On the other hand, you may aim to become deliberately ancient-a good old-fashion faithful and solid educationist like my former English teacher, Ms Marple who uses a smartphone and maintains an informative blog at WordPress and Blogger. No, she is not the famous detective in the books of Agatha Christie. Alternatively, you may aim to be old time classic science fiction masters Isaac Asimov or Arthur C. Clarke or my former foreign language teacher, Monsieur P. Alas, no, he is not the M. Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie’s books. M.P. maintains a blog on European rare archaeological finds for the few like him who choose the narrow path.I deliberately use ancient examples to illustrate a niche long-forgotten by the young today.

There are lots of opportunities and fields of interests for today’s young nerds-to-be. Too many to list here. All I can say is be aware of your surrounding and your own talents which usually come with interests like breathing. You do it naturally. You will not find stress in it except the drive to improve positively.
Read a lot. Think a lot. Write. I just read of a boy started to blog at five. He is six now. Reading others’ testimonies is one sure way to find your own pathway in the vast ocean of the internet and I tech blogging or any blogging for that matter.

who are the richest bloggers? (random search results)

contents writingTo answer queries from some ‘young’ amateur nerds like me with blogging passion, here are some of the blogging sites with the highest income earning: (Caution: the following is quoted from a random search online-article dated 2014. So it’s a bit outdated. i suggest the NTK (not-tech-know) seniors who are seriously thinking of perhaps making some pocket money to supplement your retirement fund to look further and do more research online.
Here is a quote from the same random article: “With 33.9 million new blogs being created every month and over 60,328,496 blogs on sites like WordPress.com, the following blogging stars have truly emerged from the masses and have risen to the top of the blogosphere for a great many reasons. One thing they all have in common, though; none of these bloggers would have attained this level of influence and wealth if they didn’t have drive, passion and expertise in their respective niches.” (http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/world/worlds-10-top-earning-bloggers/?view=all)

Ewdison Then is the co-founder and executive editor of this consumer electronic and tech news site. He also works as a media publisher for his blog within the site and as CEO of R3 Media LLC.
SlashGear is “geared” towards consumers in need of tech gadgets. In need of an iPhone 5S, tablet, iPad, or looking to get your hands on the newest, coolest touch screen? He puts tech lovers in touch with the latest news regarding all kinds of technology and gadgets. Most income comes from pay-per-click advertising. His overhead has to be incredibly small. SlashGear is also notable for being the most successful blog to utilize the WordPress platform.

a informative blog that covers a range of topics, not just technology, and has developed a network of technology specialized websites. VentureBeat’s scope encompasses tech as well as money, finance and investment topics, including different business techniques to earn money from your investments and aspects of the startup process.

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social media coffee: english perspective

internet cafe
1 her perspective on things had changed: outlook, view, viewpoint, point of view, POV, standpoint, position, stand, stance, angle, slant, attitude, frame of mind, frame of reference, approach, way of looking, interpretation.
2 a perspective of the whole valley: view, vista, panorama, prospect, bird’s-eye view, outlook, aspect.

Take a look at @Grammarly’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Grammarly/status/730034721934159873?s=09

return of the english ‘Q” power

old radiomy former english teacher returned with a vengeance. she read my blog during recess. so i agreed to appease her by posting another English language related blog on the power of “q” which went missing with the “e” letter on my old PC keyboard. Obviously the letter “q” is rather exclusive. The trouble is it cannot be replaced easily. For example, if i want to send out the  encouraging message to my older ntk (not-tech-know) royalist cronies that the British Queen E II can use modern tech like WhatsApp and smart phone and FaceBook etc., i can’t substitute or remove the letter “Q” from her title. Anything below the title Queen is an insult to her majesty. Besides, i can’t possibly expect my older cronies to pronounce the word “ueen” without the “Q”. The letter Q is indispensable. Just imagine words without “q” as follows:
uest, uick, uery, uestion, uite, uiet, uiz, uote, uit, uid, ueen mother, ueen’s counsel, ueen’s Speech, ueen’s Bench, and ueen’s English. i would find it uite difficult to pronounce these words and shall remain uiet or uit uickly when my former english royalist teacher is around to avoid being ueried and even fined a uid or two for my bad english.

p/s: the picture is an old social media communication channel (or a radio).

definition of nerd

nerdMeaning of “nerd” in the English Dictionary
a person who is extremely interested in one subject, especially computers, and knows a lot of facts about it:
For example: I’m a real grammar nerd.

“nerd” in American English
a person who lacks social skills, esp. someone interested in technical things:
For example: Gina’s brother is a complete nerd.

a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.
“a computer nerd”

Think Bill Gates, on a much smaller scale.

Some interests and activities that are likely to be described as nerdy[by whom?] are:

Intellectual, academic, or technical hobbies, activities, and pursuits, especially topics related to science, mathematics, engineering, linguistics, economics, literature, sociology, geography, mythology, history, and technology.
Hobbies, games, and activities that are described as obsessive and “immature”, such as trading cards, comic books, superheroes, fantasy and science fiction novels, action figures, television programs and films, role-playing games, tabletop games, and video games.
Interest in the fine arts, non-mainstream music such as classical, progressive rock, techno, or folk music, hobbies (i.e., collecting), or other “obscure” interests.
Heavy obsession with a topic that would otherwise be mainstream (such as a popular TV show or a sport).

Quiz: Which of the above applies to the amateur-nerd of this blog?
correct answer: None of the above/some of the above/Others/you choose and fill in this blank______________.

blogging doomsday survival tips

typewriterTo survive a prolonged power outage, this tk (tech-know) amateur nerd who is overtly concerned with social messaging journaling consulted a real ntk (not-tech-know) senior lady on her secret of survival all these years of living with a mere cell phone with the basic primitive functions of call and message. No internet. no social media communication like whatsapp or facebook or even email. worse, if the battery of her dumbphone runs out, how does she live? here is a list of what she does:
1. her cell phone’s battery lasts a long long time. she switches it off when she is not making a call. she reads her sms once in a while.
2. she reads when there is daylight. she sleeps when it is dark.
3. she writes long hand.
4. she talks with her social cronies face to face.
5. they do not do social messaging.
6. they still have a line phone.
7. sometimes they write real letters to each other and post them.
8. they daily meet at the grocer or dairy or newspaper booth or cafe or park or front yard or back yard of someone etc. places of convenience to chat.
9. they send errand boys or girls if available around to pass a written or verbal message.
10. they meet at church or community meeting places weekly and lady fellowship fortnightly and have pot-luck or direct sales parties monthly etc.
11. they can spell and use correct grammar.
12. on dark rainy days when they cannot read or write they merely cook or sleep or dust the house or sing or recite. Oh yes she does have an old olivetti typewriter which is working perfectly.
urgent actions for this amateur nerd: to seriously source a Corona (Smith-Corona)or Hermes or Olivetti or Olympia or Remington or RoyalUnderwood or Others. Perhaps learn to do a variety of stuff as above mentioned. Last but not least (my former english teacher will be pleased with this resolution), to learn english spelling.

blogging doomsday? a pertinent question

power outageas i happily congratulate myself i am not of the very very aged or the not-teck-know (ntk) categories, i am being reminded by my not so favorite chat crony: “wait till you come to ____(fill in the name of whatever place you know/imagine with unlimited power failure), and you’ll taste the medicine.” yes, this truth hits me to the core. no amateur-nerd will want to face that situation of regular power outage and sometimes for days without end. i shudder. because i have experienced such a place such a scene such a nightmare become reality. in view of the seriousness of the topic i consulted a real aged and ntk person. she is still a non-user of any PC/Smartphone/tablet. all she has is nokia cell phone with call and messaging functions. i explained to her what the tk people may face in the power-outage future of this globe. i explained to her how the PC/Smartphone/tablet and the internet work in our daily lives. i told her the dilemma because the generations of the “PC/Smartphone/tablet and the internet” are conditioned not to think anymore. they use short-cuts and others’ brains and sort of mix and match produce their products. when the power is cut they have nothing to operate on except themselves and their own brains which have perhaps atrophied in some cases, prematurely aged. i told the frightening scene when i an amateur nerd has to carry my heavy english dictionary around and use long hand to write down stuff. my two hands shudder at this thought-signal of demanding them to write thousands of characters a day, reaches them (i am an ambidextrous person). i do consider buying a type writer. i have enquired of an un-electrical one. but they seem to have gone extinct or command an exorbitant price as if i am buying a priced antique in my sourcing market. no spell check. no grammar check. end of the writing world. what a blogging doomsday picture.

Question is: to tech-know or to not-tech-know?

a dog's life 2like my little dog here who refuses to follow proper english and would only wag her tail if you say, “Say Hello”, i am not complying strictly to the english spelling or grammar rules in this post as i am in a hurry. is there an age limit to understanding the computer, internet and the whole lot of modern information tech way of processing written communication between two individuals or more? i ponder this a lot lately especiaaly after reading the book of numbers by joshua cohen. i skimmed through the book as its too large and speaks of some jargons i dont have the time or bother to find out thru the internet dictionary search. the book is a goodread even for the aged. dont be put off by the internet tech jargons. of course you can always find the meaning of the terminologies online. but my question is is it that important to know the meanings of all the tech words used today by a people group whom i have classified as the “tech-know”(acronym: tk). i am not a tk even though i am not yet the aged group. to be correct, there is no such group as the aged. there is perhaps a “tk” group and a “ntk” (not-tech-know) group. however, the book is still useful and here are some quotes from goodread which coincide with my handcopied quotes as i read the book in selected perception.

“The best thing about search is you always find what you want. The worst thing about search is you never find what you do not want.” (this is about the number one internet use which has become a short-cut and replacement for our own memories and recall abilities).)

“The chips were the enablers, limited pellets of silicon that served an apparently unlimited range of functions, as like a single snackfood delivering the tastes of chocolate, vanilla, pork rind, popcorn, pretzel, and chip in every bitesized bite.” (this one is about the possibly trillions or more data/information which the computer can access through storages with huge capacity packed in minute body.)

“By the highway, the Hudson—the library books straining at their delibags, corners poking. Straining my arms, throttling my hands, the numb rewards of literacy.” (i didn’t read the passage that contained this statement. i inlcude this quote because i can relate to it.)

“The computer finally booted but could not find its modem, the modem could not find a signal and the helpscreen automatically loaded. Diagnostic scan in progress. Rotating hourglass, grains in the queue. Quit everything, restart. Quit everything, shut down, unplug, burn the house, build another house, replug, restart.” (this passage teaches how you can use your computer.)

“May through to June I spent my time deciding how to spend my time, which is the first, second, and third through nine thousand seven hundred and griftyfifth items on the agenda of every writer, or neurotic. I was getting ahead of myself, fretting whether the book would have to have notes or sources cited, fretting whether I’d be allowed to decide anything at all.” (this passage is not about computer. it’s about the way a ghost writer or copywriter feels when being commissioned to write an autobiography for someone else.)

btw: don’t be misled by joshua cohen’s book title the book of numbers. it’s about computer and not about the real Book of Numbers.

Some information on computer (book of numbers): In mathematics and digital electronics, a binary number is a number expressed in the binary numeral system or base-2 numeral system which represents numeric values using two different symbols: typically 0 (zero) and 1 (one).A computer number format is the internal representation of numeric values in digital computer and calculator hardware and software.[1] Normally, numeric values are stored as groupings of bits, named for the number of bits that compose them. The encoding between numerical values and bit patterns is chosen for convenience of the operation of the computer; the bit format used by the computer’s instruction set generally requires conversion for external use such as printing and display. Different types of processors may have different internal representations of numerical values. Different conventions are used for integer and real numbers. Most calculations are carried out with number formats that fit into a processor register, but some software systems allow representation of arbitrarily large numbers using multiple words of memory.

answering a message slamming crony (not batman)

young Bill Gates and Paul Allen

One crony (not Batman-G. Clooney) whatsApp messaged my humble two year old samsung in the tone of phone slamming, “What do you mean by your apple macbook and all sorts of incomprehensible words?! What has that got to do with your pc internet inaccessibility?! is macbook an e-book or a laptop pc?! I heard of apple iPhone, iPad but what is this macbook you are talking about?! Stop being so incomprehensible! Use simple-precise-one-paragraph English!! Unlike you, we don’t have all day to guess what you are talking!!!” Alas, she is just as Windows-OS-PC (WOP) loyal and amateur-nerdish as I am. She was annoyed because I could not download or go to google-drive to read her rather voluminous pdf new book (which was impossible to read using my smartphone tiny screen) as I did not have internet access for two weeks through my apple MacBook after returning to my current geographical station of life. So I figure I might as well explain here once and for all for all my WOP cronies in the shortest possible paragraph I can manage. MacBook is a laptop PC developed by Apple which is a company*(see glossary below). I discovered to my horror that it would not allow my newly purchased local USB modem to operate and access the internet. I cannot return for refund and am legally bound to use it for ten months to get back the initial cash deposit. I tried all human means to no avail. Seeking technical solution was like being shuttled back and forth like a passenger lost in the largest alien airport with a plane to catch but without a clue of the location of the departure gate. Thinking back now I realize I must have been put on various chatbot** and chatted with robots instead of human. Why was I in such a predicament? Even though my new MacBook was internet-incapacitated I could have used a back-up laptop PC (the one without the ‘e’ key) or my antique-giant-sized-screen desk top to access internet. The trouble is I have left my Windows OS PC charger in US and discover that in where I am there is no equivalent charger in the market! Another mystery which I have yet to crack is that the desk top shows internet connected but cannot access. All these are true and if you (my crony) don’t believe, come and investigate. Provided you can still find a flight cheap enough to worth your while to fly across the Pacific Ocean or Atlantic, whatever. To be simple and precise, I have solved it by non-human-supernatural-way. I found a brand new Asus router lying around in my personal junk-store and locate its password in my desk-top, both of which were old gifts from someone in US, and they work! So the MacBook is now on Wi-Fi and I have downloaded the pdf book to read.


To avoid dispute whether I can use the term “technology-savvy” or queries on matters of terminologies for this blog, I might as well list the glossary for words commonly used by the amateur nerd here to settle once and for all , past, present and future queries if any on english.

glossary: an alphabetical list of terms or words found in or relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations; a brief dictionary.

technology: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

savvy: shrewd and knowledgeable; having common sense and good judgment.

Smartphones: a cellular phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen, Internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded applications.

App (short form for applications): a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose, especially as downloaded to a mobile phone. It can also run on the Internet, on your computer, or other electronic device.

WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Line, Hangout, Weibo: These are internet instant messaging clients for smartphones.

Instant messaging, often shortened to simply “IM” or “IMing,” is the exchange of text messages through a software application in real-time.

For example: WhatsApp Messenger is an American proprietary cross-platform instant messaging client for smartphones. It uses the Internet to send text messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio media messages to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers.

Chat: An informal conversation: The online exchange of messages in real time with one or more simultaneous users of a computer network: join me for a live online chat Wednesday at 1400 hours.

Chatbot: Short for chat robot, a internet computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence. Typically, a chat bot will communicate with a real person, but applications are being developed in which two chat bots can communicate with each other.

Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is a multinational corporation that creates consumer electronics, personal computers, servers, and computer software, and is a digital distributor of media content. Apple’s core product lines are the iPhone smart phone, iPad tablet computer, iPod portable media players, and Macintosh computer line (including my MacBook Pro).

MICROSOFT-WINDOWS: In the 1970s, we relied on typewriters. If we needed to copy a document, we likely used a mimeograph or carbon paper. In 1975, Gates and Allen formed a partnership called Microsoft, with a vision—a computer on every desktop and in every home. During the next years, Microsoft began to change the ways we work. Microsoft focused on a new operating system—the software that manages, or runs, the computer hardware and also serves to bridge the gap between the computer hardware and programs, such as a word processor. It’s the foundation on which computer programs can run.

Operating system: An operating system (also called an OS) is a piece of software that is needed to run the programs on a computer or a mobile device. The programs that run on an operating system talk to the hardware.

Software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices. (The term hardware describes the physical aspects of computers and related devices.)

Program (Computing): A set of coded instructions that a computer can understand to solve a problem or produce a desired result. Two basic types of computer programs are (1) an operating system, which provides the most fundamental instructions a computer uses in its operations, and (2) an application program, which runs on the operating system and does a specific job such as word processing.

p/s the above list is endless as one definition warrants another one and so on. i give up here. to my crony or cronies: don’t message me. look up the definitions online. but i can assure you they are all in nerds’ linguistics.

amateur nerd’s English experience: the power of “e”

communicateTo keep my former English teacher updated regarding the fruit of her many faithful efforts in building a people (class) with some semblance of being educated (through the learning and correct use of English language), I would talk about my Dell PC keyboard and English writing today. During my previous posting to one of the poorest countries on earth, when one of the regular power outage struck while I was cooped up in a box-size room with my PC plugged into an extension cord on a pitch-black night, my first thought was to find the portable emergency light which was somewhere near the end of the bed. I tripped and fell with the PC in a crashing fall. My head hit the corner of the bed and the poor PC fell from somewhere on a tiny coffee table near the bed and incurred damage too. After that I found someone who could repair the PC but not the keyboard. The screen cannot close properly too. Anyway I postponed changing it. My head was repaired alright. But the keyboard started to show some signs of malfunction. I discovered that some alphabets refused to  respond to my typing no matter which angle or corner and with what degree of strength I tried to tap or hit. I managed to avoid using some of them by substituting words with similar meanings. But one major alphabet which cannot be substituted effectively is the alphabet “e”. I practically used all my English vocabularies to think of replacement words without “e”. The essay or blog came out nonsensical. Good for my own laugh and nothing else. Even humor is lost without the use of words with “e”. I resorted to copy and paste to temporarily put back the “e” words. Later someone lent (and then gave) me a portable keyboard, which unfortunately has broken down by now after my long voyage home. After I was finally given a MacBook I started typing with fluency and with gratitude. All the “e”s come back and are my friends again. I cannot imagine any language without the English alphabet “e” or its equivalent. try talking without it and you will know what I mean. Here is my random list of common words (without the use of a dictionary) with the alphabet “e”.

the, we, she, he, me, they, there, english, american, european, west, east, economy, money, mother, father, friend, love, hate, dare, please, success, overcome, gentle, live, positive, esteem, especially, special, heaven, eat, taste, test, experience, examination, exercises, care, help, cater, needs, mean, define, destiny, fate, relieved, belief, useful, nice, see, smell, hear, ears, eyes, enjoy, correct, address, employment, government, toilet, where, here, seven, one, three, five, eight, nine, ten, bless, yes, saved, delivered, freed, tree, glee, flee, smile, rejoice, be, mine, redeemed, healed, divine, eternity, Amen.

Moral of the story: I cannot imagine a world without the many things we have taken for granted. Even the English alphabets or any common signs and symbols human use to communicate to one another. How did human first learn to invent this? There must be an awesome inspiration from the Creator of human (with words and sounds.) (BTW, a way to appreciate the indispensability of one alphabet to the English language is to play scrabbles and remove the “e”s. Alternatively take one paragraph anywhere and delete the “e”s and see the resultant product.)

p/s: I have used English as an example as this is an English blog.