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A Gen-Z nerd’s confession

Hey there. The not-so-young-anymore football fan from last year has yet again hacked into this account and is now giving you a refreshing and thoughtful break from the incessant ranting of the ‘millennial nerd’.

Sometimes I wonder where my older fellow writing nerd gets these wonderful ideas from, ranging from giant jelly babies to (virtual) football clubs. They appear to sprout out from nowhere, and prove to be the epitome of writing: imagining colourful worlds out of mundane societies.

I am now rather harried by the woes of life and am only able to reflect my creativity through painstakingly calligraphed watercolour cards which will soon be available on Etsy (such is the shameless self-promotion of a Gen-Z entrepreneur). I seem to be unable to spout torrents of evocative vocabulary anymore, and feel extremely distressed about this. Perhaps it is the daily workings of this monotonous, routine society that dulls my mind and leaves me sorrowfully drained. It is disappointing, sometimes, that a beacon of light can be put out by the darkest of rains.

I guess I take comfort in the sole knowledge that we Gen-Zs are (very much) more realistic and less daydreamy than the obnoxious, defamed millennials that the world doesn’t really like too much. We all have to grow up someday, and for me personally, I had to do just that, prematurely.

In the body of a 15-year-old, I feel as wise as a nonagenarian and as street-smart as a person of 37. Growing up in this digital age, the world seems to be at our fingertips and all moves at an increased pace. There are always ups and downs to everything, but for me, the increasing advancement of technology in this wireless society proves a pain in the neck, literally, as we are always oh-so-captivated by our smartphones to a point where some of us have never even seen a real tree before. How sad indeed.

Having only recently been given the precious opportunity to experience the world of work ( I tried law and I hated it), I see life from a unnervingly different angle now. I share the suffering of a working adult struggling to earn a living, and I empathise with those encountering discrimination, whether in the workplace, or due to their skin colour or race. I used to think the world was a lovely place full of happiness and free hugs but now it seems to only harbour hateful feelings towards those who do not fit into the social norm.

Oh well, I shall have to leave now. This endless tirade of downcast emotions has taken a toll on me, and I must return to doing my sums.

I leave you with a question for today: what is life? I know, it is often a question asked one too many times, but I urge you all to think of an answer from a different perspective as opposed to the one you have kept for so many years. I hope that by pondering on reflective thoughts, we are able to keep our brains from rusting.

I bid you all adieu, and until next time, farewell.

P.S. I am sad to announce that i rarely even watch football anymore, given the miserable multitasking I am being forced to do, so you can rejoice, dear reader, about (hopefully) never having to sit through another session of me screaming GOAL! every 3.28 seconds or so.

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