millennial short-story


not a droneThis nerd rested for sometime after writing the “Dronesville adventure #14: I am an invisible nerd?” Suddenly to his horror he discovered that his blog had been hacked by the fourteen year old young European football nerd. If you can recall in the aforementioned episode of the Dronesville adventure, he was still stuck in an invisible dilemma. As he pondered the solution daily he suddenly realized that time had passed in the real world even though it stood still in Dronesville. Anyway, when his nerd friends sent him this blog posting with tons of LOLs, he shook himself out of his stagnation and decided to write the next episode of the Dronesville adventure which will be in the next blog post.
meanwhile you just have to make do with  the original post by the hacker as follows:
“I am now fourteen going on fifteen and rather downcast. Football has been boring in the past few months other than the prospect of winning 10-2 on aggregate against arsenal (HAHA).

As a semi-depressed, moody teenager who is “going through a phase”, I am only ever dragged down by my studies and my generally mundane life of repeated motions in this thoughtless society. It is utterly inevitable that one day all my treasured creativity will be drained out of this struggling mind. This world bears down on me and I often feel overwhelmed by these major matters in life which will ultimately determine my future (according to my overbearing seniors).

Anyways, I am now being dragged away on another perilous journey through this bustling town by my constantly worrying (and extremely impatient) relatives so I bid you adieu, and hope that in this hard life we will meet one day, again.

Auf Wiedersehen, mein Freund!”

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