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An Admirable Leap: Back to the future (dronexit#15)

The twin men in black grossly underestimate me. Having been with the top secret team of advanced tech nerds for three years had amply equipped me to overcome any situation. I am not going to wait for them to come and get me or coerce me to surrender the Dronexit#1 which my former English teacher deposited in the vault and instructed me to guard it with my life. I call a nerd friend who owes me a big favor and instruct him to come and feed Gracie in my absence. Thereafter I prepare to go on a long journey and not appear until my grand aunt returns in three days. I know the Thompson and Thompson have guarded the entrance and exit to Dronesville. But I am not getting out in the physical realm. I have my Plan-C which I shall execute tonight.
Those who have watched Michael J. Fox’s and the mad professor’s Back to the Future movie series will guess the future events by looking at today’s photo which will give you some clues: The mad professor holding on to the clock, an antique car, a man’s brain interacting with machine, a mysterious doorway into another sanctuary where I can continue to chill out without disturbance. But I don’t know why I also pick the little girl with the snow goose. Hmmm it’s from a Paul Gallico’s famous story book. Is it a warning that something might go wrong? Or a diversion? But I have no time to ponder now. Anyway I take and merge five pictures at random from my stock and this picture comes out!
I don’t know what tech level you have when you stumble on this blog. I just have to assume you are living in the present time or future time. My Plan-B robot is versatile and can multitask quite sufficiently for normal tech tasks. It functions as a PC, projector, and game simulator generally, rather common nowadays. But the Plan-C robot is something of another class. It is a time portal that allows access to another time and space.
To be honest, I have never used this time portal. It is meant for emergency escape only. but I consider the present predicament an emergency. I cannot handle normal human social issue like Thompson and Thompson who claim they are from the Consumers Association with a product misuse complaint to investigate. I have never learned social skill and problem solving in school. So I now consider I am quite entitled to use the Plan-C to escape tonight.
As midnight draws near I can feel a rush of adrenalin and hydrocortisone to be exact. My palms are getting damp and my systolic heart rate increases. I am all dressed in my travel gear for the future. I have set the year and date I shall appear in the new world. The reader will think this is incredibly crazy. That is because you don’t know me and the incredibly crazy world I am at right now. No matter what you may be thinking you must admire that I am truly courageously unstoppable to have taken this daring leap of faith in action! (To be continued)

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