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Millennial elusive song (Dronexit#12)

droneexit12 elusive nerdsTonight I am turning the table by roping in two other young elusive nerds so there will be three of us and not one lone nerd-wolf in the digital wild.

I have this fail-proof nerds catching plan which I shall execute with perfection. As the night draws nearer to midnight I become more and more confident. Tell me, which nerd can resist the lure of the sight and sound of a low flying drone bearing the latest Pokémon Go free gift depositing on his or her bedroom window sill?

Hahaha, that is what I think as I walk down the street with my drone and robot flying above and my dog Gracie trotting behind. To cover the whole Dronesville I shall take at least three hours but I have since received renewable energy super-charged cell pack from SolarCity and the drone has been modified today for the job even if it takes the whole night!

The patrol goes pretty well and smoothly in that despite the temptation not one senior nerd opens his or front door or window to inspect the incredible noise the drone and the robot are producing as we walk from house to house. Many have obediently switched off their lights too. There is a false alarm in one case when one lady who apparently is not a senior or junior nerd has her lights on, opens her window and watches the whole show performed by the robot and receives her Pokémon Go gift pack with glee too.

Gracie the dog is not perturbed by the show. She seems in a serious mood. An hour has passed before we locate our first elusive prey. The blue building looks like a warehouse with all windows closed. But one can see light beaming out from behind one window. The drone flies near and the robot starts its show. From my mobile which is linked by blue tooth to the drone’s camera I can see the window scene closed-up. A young man opens his window and watches the entire drone-robot-show. He seems dazed encountering the incredible spectacle at his window. He retrieves the free gift too and shuts his window after that. The drone has taken a good video of this nerd and I have jotted down his street address too. There is no house number on his front door. But I can remember the location.

By the time I walk pass the last house in Dronesville I realize that the second elusive nerd has hidden himself really well. He has been alerted? Hmmm we shall see. Anyway I have caught one elusive nerd tonight and shall go home and call it a day/night. (To be continued)

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