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fail-proof ferreting out: (Dronexit#11)

dronexit11Today I become a detective. I am going to chase after the two elusive millennial nerds who are presumably evading the rest of the community. The majority of the residents are in their 65-85. Millennials are the rare handful. In fact, I suspect I am the only one as I have never met the other two who are rumored to be staying somewhere inside these few blocks of exclusive houses surrounding a little park. Since I am the only young nerd found/trapped in the open (unlike the other two apparently in hiding) for the whole community to access, I have become the common helper. I am therefore stuck with the after midnight drone patrol in my unofficial job specification for an indefinite period until I ferret out the other two millennial nerds if they do exist.
I decide to deploy all my Ethan Hunt’s skills and expertise to flush out the two young nerds from their chill out holes. Unlike Ethan Hunt of Mission Impossible I do not have access to official classified information. What shall I do? I have searched the Facebook for likely nearby residents in vain. They do not use land line and the phone book is of no use to me. Hmmm here is what I shall do:
I shall set the drone to fly low and attract their attention tonight. If I were one of them what shall I do if I detect the drone? What is a millennial like? Here is a list of negative stereotype characteristics from the internet:
1. Millennials grew up with instant access to the Internet, and demand instant gratification and immediate reward for their efforts.
2. Some Millennials need to be reassured by receiving recognition and rewards.
3. Some Millennials may become frustrated and may decide to quit before achieving.
4. The negative stereotype of being entitled and unwilling to work.
The drone must fulfill the following conditions: give instant gratification and reward effortlessly for the receivers. The millennials like something innovative, funny, and original.
I have my Plan-B robot which can help the drone to do all that. So I inform all senior residents to ignore the drone tonight no matter what happens.
My plan is simple and easy to execute: I shall set the drone to fly low and near everyone’s window with lights-on. The robot will be dangled beneath the drone and projects a comical virtual show complete with simulated laser beams, song and music when it detects a human audience. The drone will take a photo of the person who responds and looks out of his window, and also take a picture of the front of his house with its number. The drone will drop a self-adhesive Pokémon Go gift packet onto the window sill too to lure the person to open his window and retrieve the packet.
Armed with this fantastic fail-proof plan I congratulate myself and feel as elated as though I have already bagged the two poor nerds who will henceforth replace me in my after-midnight drone patrol. (To be continued)

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