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a carefree spy dog (dronexit#9)

dog spyingBy popular demand I continue to put in focus Gracie the wise and carefree dog who somehow lands herself in another mysterious heroic deed in our third drone patrol night. To be honest, I am quite pleased not to be involved if possible. Here is how Gracie does it again.

Gracie has a habit to spy on interesting thing or people. According to my senior retiree nerds, she may be considered in the class of Hercules Poirot (of Agatha Christie’s fame), whereas I, alas, they claim, more the inspector Clouseau of Pink Panther notoriety, no matter how much I fancy myself an Ethan Hunt of Mission Impossible. Of course in the olden days people spied mainly with their mind without technology. I admit in many ways the mind computer is far more superior than a digital mobile or laptop. The technology gadgets today are to help persons like me born and raised in digital virtual world starting from my nursery days and we have never been weaned. Tech to me is like a milk bottle without which I shall be helplessly whining.

Tonight I am armed with Gracie, a drone, a robot and my mobile as usual. We have been briefed to walk a different route and avoid the park altogether. Why? My commander Mr. Bee says so and it is so. We are told to walk a big round to the far side of the housing estate/development. It is 3am and the place is deserted. I set off the drone as usual and find a spot under a tree to rest and play my Pokemon Go. I congratulate myself when I start the hunt, as there are truly plenty of cartoon aliens in this new zone.

I play while keeping an eye on Gracie. Suddenly I see Gracie creeping stealthily toward a fence and stands up as she normally does when she wants to peep at the other side. The drone too has flown and hovered near the fence. My robot starts flashing a red warning signal to me. What is over that fence to create such an avalanche of signs and signals? I reluctantly get up and walk across to see what Gracie is watching.  What I see is beyond everything I can ever dream of or imagine.

“HYPERLOOPY ENTRANCE”. The sign flashes in front of a new building. I have never seen it before. There are parked cars in the compound but no sign of any human. What does Gracie see and why is the drone hovering behind Gracie like being unable to go beyond the fence? From what I know the capsules and transportation system are not yet in commercial operation. Suddenly Gracie barks and I realize too late as my two arms are being grabbed and bent backward, handcuffed, blindfolded, and my body dumped into a sack, tied and sealed with a rope, and hauled over the fence like a sack of potatoes. Someone or a machine arm catches this sack of human potatoes and places me on a moving conveyor belt which sends me sliding fast toward an unknown destination. THE FAST MOTION does not deter me from quick thinking. What will Ethan Hunt do in Mission Impossible? Scenes of what he does to get out of many sticky situations flash through but none fits my current predicament. My mobile phone is no longer with me. Suddenly it dawns on me that I am now in a capsule, a reduced pressure tube. And I am being propelled forward at a speed of at least 600mph. I have stumbled across an experiment. But why the handcuff? Why the gunny sack? I cannot comprehend. Why me? Again I cannot fathom the depth of such an adventure. What shall I do? Is there time to wiggle myself out of this most unpleasant journey? Can I remain carefree? Will I run out of air? My brain becomes overloaded with worrying cliche.

My pocket beeps like an email receiver. My Plan-B the robot which is strapped to my body is receiving emails and reading out my emails verbally! I issue voice command and it does its replying job perfectly. Mr. Bee is on the other side reading my email and issuing command to someone. They know where I am and tell me not to worry as the police has been alerted. When the machine comes to halt and I am released from my prison I realize that I have not traveled a bit as it is only an experiment. Apparently two deluded nerds have broken into the ground illegally and tried out this new digital ‘toy’! They mistook me as an enemy spy and thought it might be a good idea to teach me a lesson. How does Mr. Bee know about me being somewhere I should not be?

Apparently Gracie hid herself with the drone hovering over her head and led it manually to Mr. Bee’s house. The drone has taken a video of my capture. So Mr. Bee immediately alerted the police and they detected through my robot that I was still in the building. They found my mobile phone with one of the thieves with the digital Pokemon Go game still on. It helped the police to locate him.

So that is how Gracie the dog again saves the day. Was it a carefree night out for her? Yes, she receives plenty of goodies to eat and gentle pats on her head too. She really enjoys being the centre of attention. She sticks out her tongue and dances her usual circe dance. The senior nerds say that they have never seen such a happy dog before.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~wikipedia information:
Hyperloop is a tradename and a registered trademark of SpaceX for the high speed transportation of passengers and goods in tubes in which capsules are propelled by linear induction motors and air compressors.

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