eye in sky: no, it’s not a drone.dronexit#1

Look Upnot a drone“She happily and resolutely goes home and starts her new DRONEXIT move against the suspected drone before I collapse on my sofa in shock beyond words…”
My former English teacher called for the third time and I had to answer her call because it had to be urgent. “I am glad I found someone sensible enough to answer call at last and not banish me to a compulsory blast of nasty music!” She sounded desperate. “I took this picture of the sky and it showed a strange eye! I am coming over to show you since you are a tech-know.” She thus completed her monologue.

The reason why she picked me is simple, I am her neighbor by a few streets. I am impressed that she knows term like “tech-know”. The dog barks before the bell rings. My dog “gracie” has aversion to people wielding an umbrella. She just cannot tolerate umbrella. Maybe it has something to do with her chewing one when she was a pup and had bad stomach after that.

As we pore over the picture, the senior asks, “Do you think it’s a drone?”
I cannot be more surprised by this remark. Here is someone from the 50s but she knows what a drone is! “Huh?” I am speechless. Then she starts lecturing me all about pictures taken by drones and the third annual Dronestagram contest she just read from National Geographic from which she quotes, “Drones can be controversial. As unmanned flying vehicles that can stealthily spy or drop weapons on people, they’ve been the subject of intense ethical and national security debates. But drones don’t have to be military machines. In the hands of photographers, smaller unmanned vehicles can capture beautiful, unique images that would otherwise go unseen. For the third year in a row, the international Dronestagram contest has recognized outstanding drone photos in this emerging field.”

Wow. How updated can one be? But then she gets worried again looking at the eye in the sky. She asks, “Is this a drone in disguise?” I assure her it is not. To me it’s just a light spot. Then she shakes her head and says, “LOL, for a moment I was worried someone may be spying on me.” She thinks for awhile and suddenly says relentlessly, “No, I am not going to be intimidated. I shall continue my life as normal.” I quickly nod my head in agreement. But then she says, “I am going to move all my highly confidential stuff over here for your safekeeping. This is my Plan B -Dronexit!”

She happily and resolutely goes home and starts her new DRONEXIT move against the suspected drone before I collapse on my sofa in shock beyond words.


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