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football coach pray
football coach prays

Can a football nerd be good at academic study and nerdy interest simultaneously? The latest answer is “Yes”. A thirteen-year-old fan of a football club spent about a month doing her revision seriously and got A1 for her Math, Science and English. She made a significant jump from the bottom Ds to ranking with the few A1 elites in her class. How did she do it? She made a deal with her mom. She wanted a TV with subscription to Fox Sports so she could watch her favorite European football live matches. It was an impossible deal unless a miracle happened. It did. She now has her TV with Fox Sports. It just shows how the right kind of motivation can work wonders. Of course, credit must be given to her elderly grandma and grand-aunt, aunt and others who diligently prayed for her to succeed. Why? Are they football fans too? No. They prayed because at year-end there will be a streaming between arts and science in her grade. She comes from a family of scientists* and no one in their ‘rightful-scientific’ (quoted from the scientific family senior) mind can envisage her going into arts stream. Besides the kid said adamantly she has to be a scientist because she cannot (or rather is too layback to) memorize historical names and dates. Was her result a fluke? No. this kid is intelligent and masters her language well. She likes math and science so there is no fluke. She just needs a push to study and sports channel has given the right push at the right time. One main reason why she needs to watch now and not in future is that all her favorite players are retiring soon and she may not have a chance to see them play next year. So she is happy watching football now. Her folks are all happy that she can become a scientist if she continues to adhere to the deal and work diligently on her school work. Her language is good and she is creative too. She has been selected to join a summer class on creative art (with focus on writing poetry) this coming June in a good university. After all, it certainly looks like all’s well that ends well.

p/s: *the only exception is an arts or rather literature-inclined senior in the family who laments that there will be no English literature successor after all.

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