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hacker scare and internet addiction

huaweitoggleThis amateur nerd had a scare today. He was on the internet until around 5am and decided to call it a day (a night rather). But he changed his mind and restarted his Apple PC and the internet router to continue to work on something he earlier omitted. To his horror he was unable to have internet connection. As he could not use the Huawei USB pen-drive toggle, he used an Asus router as a WiFi hotspot with a preset password by someone from whom he inherited this router. When he plucked in the USB modem to his Dell PC just to check the data usage and balance he was shocked to see the usage was near maximum, for day and for night, even for an unknown free video data given by the internet provider!

Many possibilities came to his mind, of which the biggest imagination was someone had hacked into his router password which he had stored in the router, two PCs and a smart phone. Lately his Samsung smart phone started behaving strangely with the sign “Yahoo cannot be started” appearing on and off. He does not use Yahoo and this alert came from nowhere. Was his phone hacked? It was a nightmarish situation, being stuck between the remains of the night and the break of dawn without the security of having an internet access. What if he needed to do something urgently using his PC? He recalled the time when his PC crashed to the floor in a third world country where they seemed to have regular power outage then, and he was forced to use his smartphone for a week to type Window Word documents for someone, straining his eyes and neck muscle working against deadline.

He waited until daybreak and rushed to the internet provider’s shop. After checking his account he was further shocked to find that he had huge unused data balances (7 GB for internet and 7 GB for the free video as a promotion from the provider) for the rest of the month. So it was a scare for nothing.

The serious thought of weaning internet comes to mind now. BTW he still hasn’t solved the mysterious appearance of the Yahoo message on his smart phone…(to be continued)

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