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By the time I am sixty-eight: for young nerds

lotusI shall be_______ (fill in the blank).
What shall I be? What shall I do? where would I be?
Right now it’s hard to say exactly what I shall become as I am subject to ‘change’ which is the only ‘constant’ according to a famous management cliché at one time when the corporate world went crazy in re-engineering and re-inventing itself etc.
So what shall I say about my own future? I know this much may not change as an amateur-nerd: having the un-quenching drive, passion and expertise in the field in which I have been somewhat endowed.
Is it important to say what you will become even if you are only thirteen years old? My answer is YES. Why do I like to choose the tender age of thirteen when I give example? perhaps it’s because I happen to have readers who are thirteen or below. Besides I believe it’s a good age to start if you want to start living differently. The parents may have different views. Well, my advice to the parents is that never underestimate your children. Excuse me, they are not brats. They are junior human beings. But human beings alright.
You may aim to become a high-flying tech-guru like Bill Gates/Steve Jobs or a whoever in the world of fame and fortune of the I tech, or especially in the currently social media obsessed internet world. On the other hand, you may aim to become deliberately ancient-a good old-fashion faithful and solid educationist like my former English teacher, Ms Marple who uses a smartphone and maintains an informative blog at WordPress and Blogger. No, she is not the famous detective in the books of Agatha Christie. Alternatively, you may aim to be old time classic science fiction masters Isaac Asimov or Arthur C. Clarke or my former foreign language teacher, Monsieur P. Alas, no, he is not the M. Hercule Poirot from Agatha Christie’s books. M.P. maintains a blog on European rare archaeological finds for the few like him who choose the narrow path.I deliberately use ancient examples to illustrate a niche long-forgotten by the young today.

There are lots of opportunities and fields of interests for today’s young nerds-to-be. Too many to list here. All I can say is be aware of your surrounding and your own talents which usually come with interests like breathing. You do it naturally. You will not find stress in it except the drive to improve positively.
Read a lot. Think a lot. Write. I just read of a boy started to blog at five. He is six now. Reading others’ testimonies is one sure way to find your own pathway in the vast ocean of the internet and I tech blogging or any blogging for that matter.

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