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definition of nerd

nerdMeaning of “nerd” in the English Dictionary
a person who is extremely interested in one subject, especially computers, and knows a lot of facts about it:
For example: I’m a real grammar nerd.

“nerd” in American English
a person who lacks social skills, esp. someone interested in technical things:
For example: Gina’s brother is a complete nerd.

a single-minded expert in a particular technical field.
“a computer nerd”

Think Bill Gates, on a much smaller scale.

Some interests and activities that are likely to be described as nerdy[by whom?] are:

Intellectual, academic, or technical hobbies, activities, and pursuits, especially topics related to science, mathematics, engineering, linguistics, economics, literature, sociology, geography, mythology, history, and technology.
Hobbies, games, and activities that are described as obsessive and “immature”, such as trading cards, comic books, superheroes, fantasy and science fiction novels, action figures, television programs and films, role-playing games, tabletop games, and video games.
Interest in the fine arts, non-mainstream music such as classical, progressive rock, techno, or folk music, hobbies (i.e., collecting), or other “obscure” interests.
Heavy obsession with a topic that would otherwise be mainstream (such as a popular TV show or a sport).

Quiz: Which of the above applies to the amateur-nerd of this blog?
correct answer: None of the above/some of the above/Others/you choose and fill in this blank______________.

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