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blogging doomsday? a pertinent question

power outageas i happily congratulate myself i am not of the very very aged or the not-teck-know (ntk) categories, i am being reminded by my not so favorite chat crony: “wait till you come to ____(fill in the name of whatever place you know/imagine with unlimited power failure), and you’ll taste the medicine.” yes, this truth hits me to the core. no amateur-nerd will want to face that situation of regular power outage and sometimes for days without end. i shudder. because i have experienced such a place such a scene such a nightmare become reality. in view of the seriousness of the topic i consulted a real aged and ntk person. she is still a non-user of any PC/Smartphone/tablet. all she has is nokia cell phone with call and messaging functions. i explained to her what the tk people may face in the power-outage future of this globe. i explained to her how the PC/Smartphone/tablet and the internet work in our daily lives. i told her the dilemma because the generations of the “PC/Smartphone/tablet and the internet” are conditioned not to think anymore. they use short-cuts and others’ brains and sort of mix and match produce their products. when the power is cut they have nothing to operate on except themselves and their own brains which have perhaps atrophied in some cases, prematurely aged. i told the frightening scene when i an amateur nerd has to carry my heavy english dictionary around and use long hand to write down stuff. my two hands shudder at this thought-signal of demanding them to write thousands of characters a day, reaches them (i am an ambidextrous person). i do consider buying a type writer. i have enquired of an un-electrical one. but they seem to have gone extinct or command an exorbitant price as if i am buying a priced antique in my sourcing market. no spell check. no grammar check. end of the writing world. what a blogging doomsday picture.

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