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amateur nerd’s one paragraph confession

since the first post i have been bombarded by social messaging left and right and some very insulting smilies too. the objection is not the contents but the audacity of me claiming to be “senior” or “advanced” nerd. so i have since changed my claim to a humbler one: “amateur nerd” and also to sub-head the blog as “amateur nerd’s social messaging journal for future” to be more honest and cover all bases. If i merely write or rant for the future, no one can foul me. good thing the retired umbrella-and-red-marking-pen-wielding English teacher is happily flying somewhere to attend important meetings on how to save the world through teaching and speaking and writing proper English without the help of spelling-checked digital devices. otherwise i would not be here typing on my mac as i would be chilling out somewhere she cannot find me. [btw (by the way in case you don’t know) i am not the thirteen year old MIA SAN MIA@ chanting European football fan (whose mom dragged to McDonald to watch world cup matches since a toddler) you fear. i have my own football ranting messaging platform (oops. now you know which is my club). ]

@”Mia San Mia” is a saying in Bavarian dialect. “Mia” comes from “Mir” which is the equivalenavatar bayernt of “Wir” in Deutsch. The pronunciation of “Mir” is actually similar to “Mia” , the “r” is pronounced like an “a”. So “Mia San Mia” is ” Wir sind Wir” in German which literally translates to “We are We”.

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